Middle Class Becoming Extinct: Deep Thoughts at the Pool

It was a long, frustrating day at work.

As I drove home in the car, all I could think about was how badly I wanted to jump into the pool and immerse myself in cool stillness… protect myself from the world as it were.

On the radio: more news stories about the next recession, the disappearing Middle Class and politicians a-plenty having something to say about it.

A while ago, Will and I got the heads up and started collecting gold and silver.  But what about the rest of the country?

What about all those other folks out there working at a job they hate to make money that they’re just going to spend on bills, bills, bills?  I had a plan to get out of debt–a clear goal.  I had light at the end of my tunnel.

But most of  America?  Nope.  These days, most people consider themselves lucky if they can keep a job or find a job.

…and then there’s people like me who resent having to waste the majority of their lives slaving away for huge companies that put the bottom line above the average worker.

I want to talk to you–the one who hates every moment of her day at work and can’t stand the drought in her bank account.  The one who’s pissed.  I’m talking to YOU.

Do you know what I realized as I floated in the pool that day?

 The world isn’t going to change until you change yourself.

I got out of that pool, went to my computer, made a phone call to someone I cared about and invited them to join us in our Opportunity.  Which I consider to be a journey out of this crazy economy–away from poverty–towards personal prosperity and the power to make a difference.

I took action.

Who runs this world?  I don’t pretend to know much about politics or government.  Frankly, they frustrate me.  But I do know this: right now, the world is run by a lot of very rich people who know how to influence people.

What if YOU were one of those people?  What could YOU do with the world?  What kind of Love could you inspire?  Who could you heal?  How could you transform and even dismantle industries that are toxic to us all?

If you’re angry at the world and/or your place in it, I want you to think of 5 things you would do to change the world if you had all the money and influence your heart desired.  Then, share this article on your Facebook wall and ask your friends what they would do.

Spread the love even more by tweeting this question:  “What would YOU do with Unlimited Money and Influence?”

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of this crap.  I choose to live outside the box!



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