Four Big Facebook Mistakes that could Kill Your Business

Unless you have lived in a closet for the past ten years, you have probably heard by now that Facebook is one of the most effective ways to generate leads online.

Seems like every network marketer has heard about the glories of Facebook and started posting up a storm…only to fail miserable at lead generation and really annoy a lot of people.

Do not let this be you.

There is a wrong way and a right way to do Facebook marketing, and today I will help you avoid Four Big Mistakes marketers make when starting on Facebook.

First, do NOT self-promote.  No one cares about what you have to offer until they know you care about them.  To avoid falling into this trap, take the “lead with value” approach.  Actually converse with people on Facebook. Seek out folks that are having problems you can solve and offer them advice (succinctly worded) with the intent to solve their problem.  Do this as much as you can–every day.  Don’t worry about leaving a link to your fan page.  The more value you offer, the more people will seek you out and like your page.  When appropriate, give links to content you have compiled, or offers for products that give value.  (If you’re smart, these offers will also bring you affiliate commissions.)  This approach postures you as an expert, and not a slimy self-promoter.

The next mistake to avoid is failing to optimize your Ads.  Facebook ads can be a great tool (and there’s a whole strategy to that as well).  If you aren’t testing, tweaking and analyzing your ads, you’re letting leads slip through your fingers every minute of every day.  Failure is your best friend when it comes to Optimizing ads.  Figure out exactly what went wrong.  Create two ads that are only slightly different, run them both and see which one does better.  It’s called “split testing,” and it’s one of the best ways to optimize your ad campaigns.  Once you have an ad that really delivers, you’ll thank yourself for putting in the effort.

Facebook is a party, and if your fan page doesn’t have anything exciting on it, your fans will go somewhere else for a good time.  Too man y folks get on facebook to promote, and they forget that Facebook users want to connect and have a good time.  Make sure to provide content or links to content that is fascinating, hilarious, provocative (not tasteless) and fun.  This gives them a reason to come back day after day and share with their friends.

Which brings me to the biggest mistake of all when trying to build a following on Facebook:  Inconsistency.  If you fail to engage your fans on a daily basis, you cannot expect a Facebook Marketing strategy to work for you.  Think about it–have you ever checked in with someone on Facebook, only to find they haven’t posted anything in a week and a half?  After only a couple of weeks, you forget about them entirely and stop sharing their stuff, don’t you?  Don’t fall into this trap.  Be Consistent.

Like anything in life worth doing, succeeding with Facebook Marketing takes commitment, and consistency and effort.  Avoid these Four Mistakes, put in the effort it takes, and Facebook can become your go-to for lead after lead online.

Have you found a strategy that really works for generating leads on Facebook?  Let me know about it in the comments below!

Here’s a free webinar I found that showcases how one online marketer that built a 6 Figure income with Facebook.

Yours in Success,


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